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Ethanol fireplace safty fuel

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Contemporary fireplace - ventless and mobile
Fireplace insert, bio ethanol fireplace. Fireplace insert, bio ethanol fireplace. Fireplace insert, bio ethanol fireplace.
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Dimensions - inches: 
43.31 / 32.28 / 17.17
width / height / depth 


The simple design differentiates this model from the traditional fireplace whilst maintaining
all of its functionality. The glass front allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of fire, being all at once an efficient barrier protecting from accidental contact with the flames. The minimalistic style of Anthracite gives it a contemporary and elegant look.

What is a Chantico Biofireplace?
Chantico Fire biofireplaces allow you to enjoy the beauty of real fire without the necessity
of having a chimney. Unlike traditional fireplaces, Chantico Fire ethanol run fireplaces
do not produce any smoke, ash or soot.

Fanola® Fuel
The freestanding fireplaces by Chantico run on Fanola®, ethanol based liquid fuel. Fanola® is a green energy source what has been confirmed by numerous certificates.
To protect the environment a special formula has been prepared in order to create a smokeless and odorless fuel.

Quality & Safety
The overall quality of ethanol run fireplaces has been approved by international certifying bodies and received the following approvals: CE, LGA and EcoLogo All decorative fireplaces have been tested in terms of safety both for the user and the environment.

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